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If you are a musician, photographer, videographer, dancer, actor/actress, artist or anyone at all who wants to get involved all you have to do is message the page and I will be in touch! Everyone involved in 4bar is credited and promoted via social media. I also give free promotion to talented artists.

4bar is a not for profit group that provides a worldwide platform for creative minds to collaborate and create art. 4bar is coming to you to record a jam so come out and play! I will be getting the first round in at the bar once we have made some great music. The final result of each track is a music video available free for everyone to watch online. The creation of these videos involves a huge range of artistic professions and are great fun to make.

If you are a charity or business organisation who would like to collaborate with , or sponsor, 4bar Collective, please get in touch and we can work together to make the world a more loving, musical place!


Get in touch via this contact form, or message the 4bar Collective Facebook Page